December birds

Wednesday 1st December 2010

This time of year with its short days and icy weather it is very easy to be temped to hibernate and stay indoors but a walk in the Isle of Wight countryside looking out for birds can be so rewarding and lift our spirits. The sight of hills covered in snow and the beauty of fields dusted in frost has its own majestic quality.

December is a wonderful time to go bird watching as it?s easier to spot them as they show up in the bare fields and branches, just remember to wear plenty of layers to keep you warm. We were rewarded on our walk around Billingham this afternoon to see a large flock of Field Fares and on our way home we saw a large murmouration of Starlings heading into town.

On the Isle of Wight Island coastal path you will see plenty of wading birds. Ideal places to go are Newtown and Thorness Bay and look out for Oyster catchers, swans and Dunlins.

If the weather gets too icy you can still bird watch from the comfort of your own home. Winter can be hard for birds with finding food rather difficult. Gardens become important once the temperatures begin to plummet and snow is on the ground.
We sometimes forget to notice the familiar birds in the garden but they are just as important. The haunting song of a Robin or Blackbird on a cold December morning with silence all around can?t help to lift the spirits.

Here is one of my favourite poems

I heard a bird sing
In the Night of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember
We are nearer to spring
Than we were in September
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December

Oliver Herford
(1863 ? 1935)

We have a pair of Wood pigeons and Collared Doves who think our garden is theirs and watching their bonding behaviour is so interesting.

Remember to put out feed for the birds in your garden you will be quickly rewarded it always surprises me how quickly they notice a filled feeder.

We find that the following works the best Hanging feeder of Peanuts, black sunflower seeds and Niger seeds Mixed bird seed on the ground If you want to treat your Robins its worth buying a bag of dried Meal worms.

You never know there is always the chance that something unusual may drop in for a feed .We had a new pair of visitors to our peanut feeders today a couple of Long tailed tits not seen them in our garden before.

Long Tailed Tit

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