Why you should take your mobile with you when you go for a hike.

Monday 25th February 2013

For most people going on a hike is all about getting away from the stresses of everyday life. I am often tempted to take off with the minimum of equipment leaving my mobile behind so I am not bothered by any unwanted phone calls. You never know when you may find yourself in difficulty, and a mobile phone really is your best friend in an emergency. I now compromise and keep my phone switched off checking for messages when I stop a couple of times through the day this keeps your phone charged up and is with you if something happens.

Just been listening to a programme on Radio 4 where Dominic Arkwright meets people who have made life changing phone calls.

By clicking on the link below you can listen to him talk to John Gillatt who went on a way marked stroll in the Malaysian jungle and got lost for 5 days. John was visiting Malaysia on business and decided to take some time off for a stroll. As he was planning on walking for a few hours he only packed some fruit, biscuits and a couple of bottles of water. When John realised he was lost he had to find some high ground to get a signal on his phone. With battery running low he rung his wife in Bolton and told her he was lost. She helped to organise his rescue by arranging a search party.
John said the jungle is the most terrifying place at night.


So what should you do?
Always take your mobile phone with you.
Before you leave, give your phone number and service provider to your check-in contact with an estimated time of return.
Plus, don?t think that a mobile phone or GPS is a substitute for a good map and accurate compass. Keep your phone turned off during the walk.
If you become dangerously lost or injured, dial 999 even if you don?t have strong service. For better service, head for higher ground cell phones operate by line-of-sight radio waves.

And finally, just be careful out there but have fun.
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